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  • Orion’s XTR amplifier line offers more choice than ever before to cater to the wide requirements of the modern car audio enthusiast. Now with 4 x 2 channel, 5 x 4 channel and 4 x mono block amplifiers, this line-up brings the specs you need for awesome car audio power. 

    The XTR series innovates by offering the best power in their Class D mono subwoofer amplifier series which is calculated at only 12.6 Volt; proving XTR amplifiers offer real power with high efficiency and quality sound. 

    XTR 4 channel and 2 channel amps have been ramped up by incorporating a system in the high pass cut that multiplies frequency by 10 to deliver up to 15 KHz. 
    XTR amplifiers lay down the power and deliver the results you need. 
340,00 €

Lampada a sospensione a luce diffusa. Diffusore in vetro opalino incamiciato, soffiato a bocca, con finitura esterna acidata. Supporto diffusore in policarbonato trasparente stampato ad iniezione. Rosone in poliammide caricata con il 30% di fibra di vetro stampato ad iniezione ed attacco a plafone di acciaio stampato e zincato. Cavo di sospensione di acciaio.